Sinoe Guarantee

Terms & conditions simplified and explained!

Our guarantee

We, Sinoe guarantee that all of our product to be functioning and free from defect for a minimum of 12 years.

How is the guarantee period calculated?

Sinoe products are covered by a full 12 years gaurantee from the date of purchase

For example, if you ordered the item on 5 Oct 2000, any defect discovered on or before 5 Oct 2012 will be covered by the warranty.

Please note that our customer support is for a life time, so even if your guarantee expired, we are still here to give you the technical support you need.

What damage does the guarantee cover and excludes

The warranty covers defects from normal use.

The warranty does not cover wear and tear or damage due to neglect, improper installation, misuse and accidental damage

What can I claim?

Sinoe has the sole discretion to choose to repair or replace or refund your order – but we will take our customer’s preference into consideration.

How do I claim?

When making a warranty claim, a receipt of the original retail purchase must be presented unless you have registered your product.

All warranty claim(s) must be written in English and emailed/sent to:

In the email, you must also include:

  1. Statement indicating clearly that you want make a claim under your warranty
  2. Enclose your order ID number
  3. Describe the problem(s) you are experiencing with the product in as much detail as possible.

Our staff will get in touch with you shortly to provide technical support.

Should we not be able to resolve the problem described in your email, we will send you a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) to return the product to a UK service center location designated by Sinoe.

You will need to comply with the requirements of the RMA (which may differ from case to case) – normally you will be asked to enclose a note stating your full name, Sinoe return reference and original order number.